Aging Together is participating as a member of Dementia Friendly Central Virginia to offer businesses and organizations free information sessions and workforce training to establish dementia friendly approaches and implement strategies that will help people living with dementia.

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Dementia Friendly Culpeper In partnership with the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce

Aging Together is immensely pleased to have the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce as a core partner for Dementia Friendly Culpeper. As a collaboration, along with the efforts of our lead volunteer trainer John Beck, we are seeing a growth of business participation in downtown Culpeper to be dementia friendly. Regular training sessions are held either as group staff sessions, or as train-the-trainer sessions.

Our trained volunteers can provide a 30-minute session for your staff or other group to help your organization become dementia aware.
In the session, your group will learn:

  • basic facts about Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders that cause dementia
  • 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease
  • tips for communicating and interacting with a person living with dementia
  • tips for creating a dementia-friendly physical space and discuss case studies (90 minute sessions only).

In return for participating, Aging Together will provide a window label to publicly identify the organization as dementia friendly, and identify the organization as dementia friendly on the Aging Together website and in other promotional materials. Marketing your organization as dementia friendly offers a mutually beneficial relationship when you welcome and reassure a demographic not always comfortable with public interaction.

​If your organization is interested in being trained as a Dementia Friendly organization please contact us at or 540-829-6405 (leave a message and we will get back you you quickly).



Dementia Friendly Businesses in Culpeper

Starting in early 2023, the list below is a compilation of businesses and organizations in Culpeper who have committed to being a Dementia Friendly Organization and have staff who are trained in communicating and helping those living with dementia. We look forward to expanding this list regularly. The more Dementia Friendly businesses and organizations who advocate for those living with dementia by committing to have trained staff, the better it is for everyone!

Thank you to these organizations & businesses who are Dementia Friendly in Culpeper!
Please visit them (click on name to see their website):